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Heavy duty sloped trench drain system available in 100mm (S100K), 200mm (S200K) and 300mm (S300K) internal width for applications requiring the most rugged product. All systems have 40 metres of continuous slope. PowerDrain comes complete with ductile iron grate.

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300mm internal width

200mm internal width

100mm internal width
wide grate choices
polymer concrete
polymer concrete
anti-shunt lugs
channel identification & system numbering
Integrally cast-in galvanized steel edge rail
sloped channel units
wide choice of grates
Two choices of grates
Ductile ron slotted or Iron Intercept Heelsaferegistration mark Anti-Slip grate rated to Load Class G (AS 3996)
polymer concrete
Polymer concrete
a durable yet lightweight material made from polyester resin binder reinforced by mineral aggregates and fillers
patented, boltless locking system provides quick fitting and removal of grates.
Helps reduce installation,
maintenance time and cost.
anti-shunt lugs
‘Anti-shunt’ lugs
recesses in grate fit around lugs on the edge rail to prevent longitudinal movement.
Sloped (0.5%) channel units
meter long units provide 40m continuous slope. This equates to 0.5% fall per linear metre.
Channel identificationChannel identification & system numbering
in addition to channel numbering on sidewalls and base of channel, each end of the channel indicates the number of the channel that will connect to it.
Steel edge rail
Ductile iron edge rail
integrally cast-in rail provides maximum strength and protection for channel body. Shock absorbing widgets, with M10 stainless steel threads, are fitted in rail to assist with grate fit and aid hanging installation.
are included on every 5th channel unit to allow vertical evacuation of the system along the run.
interconnecting end profiles
Interconnecting end profiles
allow easy and effective joining of channels.